Thursday, December 05, 2013

Small Successes: First Week of Advent

Well, it's been an eternity since I managed to find 5 minutes to think about what I've done right, let alone write it down.  So THIS is my first success.  But I won't cheat.


I managed to get a whole month's worth of cooking done by the 2nd day of the month!!!  Shopped and cooked all in 2 days.  Massive success, if you ask me.  There are a few snack/breakfast items that wouldn't fit on the chalkboard, but here's what's for dinner this month:
I don't come up with this by myself, or at all.  I have a pro membership to Never heard of it? You are missing out on a serious resource for busy families!  I upgraded to a pro membership because that allows me to swap out recipes and customize the menu. 


The tree is up and I have new Advent candles for the wreath! Now, if only I could find the wreath...


I'm slowly, but surely clearing a path through the basement.  It's not glamorous work, but it has to be done to make room for a ping pong table we got the kids for Christmas.  Fortunately, we have a pop-a-shot basketball hoop downstairs, so I can have a little fun while I'm down there.  Boy is Andy gonna be surprised when I smoke him at his own game! 

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  1. We cleaned out our garage… we are making it a gym. Sooo not glamorous.
    Great job on the cooking.


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