Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ultimate Reset: The Results

Before I reveal my final results, I will tell you about the final Phase of the Ultimate Reset.  This final week is extremely challenging.  My entire diet consisted of nothing but fruit, vegetables and water.  There were optional snacks that included grain, but I chose not to eat them opting instead for more fruit.  The first week, I didn't really need the snack. I felt full enough to make it from lunch to dinner, but in the final week the snack was absolutely needed.  In addition to this, I took an hour nap every day.  I am a stay-at-home-mom, so that is something I am able to do.  If I were working, I'd have taken a brisk walk to get my blood pumping again.  I felt that my energy was waning in the final days of the Reset, maybe because I was just "over it" or maybe because as filling as the meals were, they didn't last long and I wasn't eating any complex carbohydrates.   If I was working, I probably would have eaten the grains so that I had more energy.

Ok. Enough of that!


Here are my final results:

Weight Loss: 9.3lbs

Inches Lost

Bust:    2in
Waist:  2.5in
Hips:    1in
Body Fat:  down 3%

If I'd had time, I would've liked to see the doctor for a physical before and after the Ultimate Reset so I could compare the results of blood work. However, I am really satisfied with these results! I was on a downward spiral in my weight management.  I was under tremendous amounts of stress this winter and spring which made my body very resistant to weight loss.  Add that to stress eating and you've got yourself a recipe for a muffin top of epic proportions. I'm thrilled because I actually lost all the weight I gained, plus a little bit more.  I am seeing a number on the scale I haven't seen since before my oldest child was born! A quick calculation reminded me that I am only 7 pounds away from my high goal weight. With all that I have learned about healthy and clean eating on this 3 week journey, I have no doubt that I can reach this goal and even move beyond it to my ultimate goal.  I haven't felt so confident that I could achieve a goal in a very long time.  This is very exciting!

So after all that, I am ready to ease back into normal, healthy eating that can sustain a workout. Beachbody Ultimate Reset guidebook recommends adding foods that we removed over the course of the 3 weeks slowly.  The plan is to observe how my body reacts to certain foods and decide if they should remain in my diet or not. First is grains, then beans, dairy and then meat.  Basically, you treat your body as though you are a toddler being introduced to new foods and observing for any adverse reactions.  Today I added in chickpeas.  So far, so good!

My next plan is to begin Shaun T's Focus T25 program.  It's 5-days-a-week, 25-minutes-a-day (except for Friday that is 50 minutes).  I'm looking forward to this program with a bit of fear and trepidation, but I think that's good. Gotta keep moving forward!

If you're interested in doing the Ultimate Reset, find out more here: Check out this video 
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