Friday, July 26, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 3

I'm telling you, if I wasn't taking supplements and eating on a schedule, I'd never know I was on a reset.  Aside from feeling a little spacey, I feel fine. I'm not super tired, I don't have anything more than very minor aches or pains  nothing much seems to be happening.  I'm sure there is plenty going on internally, but I don't feel it.  Frankly, it makes me nervous, like I'm doing it wrong.  I know I'm not, though. I've followed the supplement and food schedule exactly.  Not to jinx myself, but maybe I'm just not as big a mess as I thought I was.  Watch. I'll be hit with a migraine or leg cramps or something and I'll take it all back. But so far, so good.

I finished out yesterday with a delicious dinner of southwestern veggie taco. I was supposed to have kale with it, but I cannot make kale edible for the life of me.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Oh, well. What are ya gonna do?  I slept well last night. I had dreams that started probably around 6:30, I woke up at 7 and felt good. 

Today was the first day I took my reset on the road. I went to a friend's house to take the kids swimming, so I had to pack my lunch and supplements.  I knew I was going last night, so I cooked the lentils for the lentil-lime salad so I could throw it all together this morning.  Everyone else had hot dogs, chips and Rice Krispie treats.  I do not like Rice Krispie treats, (unAmerican, I know) so I wasn't even tempted. What I continue to notice about myself is how often I would have just eaten a chip or licked a spoon if it were just a regular day.  The Ultimate Reset is shining a big ol' spotlight on my bad habits.  It's like Jim Rohn says,

“Failure...a few small errors in judgment repeated every day. Success...a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”

- Jim Rohn 

Whatever physical changes are happening in my body, I'm very grateful for the changes that are happening in my behavior.  

Want more info? Check out this video 
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