Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ultimate Reset- Day 1

Today is my first day of Beachbody's Ultimate Reset.  I've waited over a year since it was released to begin this program.  Beachbody suggests finding a three week period of time where you are not traveling or under a lot of extra stress to begin this program.  Summer is always less stressful for me because my kids are out of school and, more importantly, out of sports and other activities.  We do what we want. Yeah! Because the Ultimate Reset is in the process of alkalizing the body to bring it closer to what it should be naturally, you are not supposed to engage in strenuous exercise. Building up lactic acid in the muscles would defeat the purpose.  I was teaching fitness classes for the last year, so that made it impossible for me because I was independent and had no one available to substitute for me.

This is Week 1: Reclaim.  The supplements I've taken so far are called Optimize and Mineralize.  Mineralize is meant to stablize healthy pH, improve digestion, hydration and prevent muscle soreness.  Optimize is all about the enzymes that make our body work. Almost every bodily function in every system depends on enzymes doing their jobs. We've all been compromised by poor diet, stress, illness and injury and age.  Optimize restores us to, well, optimal levels of enzymes in our bodies. 

So, anyway, here I am in my first day.  I can already tell this is going to be challenging.  Not because of what the Reset instructs me to do, but because my bad habits are already becoming more apparent.  One of the biggest purposes of the Ultimate Reset is to awaken me to the habits that I need to change and to instill in me the habit of conscientious eating.  Being aware of what I put in my body at all times is not something I've taken very seriously for the last several months, possibly even the last year!

Halfway through my first day, I've noticed that I feel really relaxed and mellow. This surprises me because I really didn't expect anything to happen the first day.  So far, the food has been pretty good.  I'm excited about what my results might be. Most people report weight loss, clarity and boosted energy, among other things.  Those are the things I'm most hoping to see.

I'm going to try to give a day-by-day report, so be sure to follow along!

Want more info? Check out this video 
Interested in doing it? Find more info here.

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