Friday, June 21, 2013


Jenna, Hannah, Ava, Emma, Makala, Olivia and Anne-Marie performing "Carry On".
The kids have been planning a carnival and talent show for the neighborhood kids for a week.  Today is the big day.  They have carnival games including a candy slide (candy taped to the slide and you have to grab a piece on your way down), a ring toss, a ping pong toss, a dunk tank, a rock wall, a ticket booth and a prize station.  They rehearsed a talent show all week, including harmonizing medleys to Top 40 pop songs.  All of this happened without any adult involvement!

Andy and Christian performing Thrift Shop.
I watched and listened all week and was doubtful this would go as they envisioned.  Shame on me!  The kids pulled it off!  The carnival went off without a hitch, each kid playing the games honestly, taking turns, even cooperating with the rules of how to win prizes.  They were doing so well, I decided to contribute last year's leftover popsicles and 2 giant batches of popcorn to the cause.  I was invited to join the audience of the talent show.  These are talented kids! 

Makala, Olivia and Renee perfoming "Down by the Bay".
Today, I am grateful. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom.  I'm grateful that God has blessed our decision to be a single income family and brought opportunities to us for home-based businesses.  I am filled with joy that I can be home to be part of these wonderful events.  Most days aren't filled with amazing kid productions of carnivals and talent shows.  It's easy to get so involved in keeping the house, planning the meals and all the other things that go with running a household that you miss these things.  Today, I'm grateful that God's grace allowed me to be present and aware of how blessed I am.

Ava, Emma and Jenna performing "Our Song", complete with well executed choreography.

Renee, Anne-Marie and Makala dancing to an original song by Anne-Marie.

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