Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small Successes (volume 21)

1. It's still Thursday and I'm getting my post written!

2. I know. That's kind of a cheat, so here's my real successes. I've completed 7 days of Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge which means I've written down my priorities, listed my top 10 goals for the year, identifies the top PUSH goal that makes all my other goals achievable and found a good app for my phone for to-do lists that make achieving my goals and staying organized possible. Are you curious what my number 1 goal is? You already know, but I'll tell you again. It's getting in the absolute best shape of my life before my 40th birthday in June. I'm talking bikini body. (caveat: I will only wear a bikini on vacation without my children. Moms with young kids are better off in board shorts or swim minis). Oh yeah, making a public proclamation of the goal can also be part of it, which guess I just made.

3. Toward meeting that goal, I've started a NEW program called ChaLEAN Extreme. I am LOVING it! It's only 5 days (I'm used to 6) and the workouts are intense, but shorter than P90X and Insanity. Plus Chalene is such a great trainer. It's funny. I started the program before I new she was also a motivational speaker. What a great combination,huh? She connects with the whole person, not just the muscle and diet, but the brain. Believe me, my brain needs work!

4. On the homefront: I managed to clean one bathroom and it stayed clean for 36 hours until the toddler somehow got peanut butter on her feet (!) and tracked around the house and into the bathroom. You should not expect to see too many housework related triumphs on this blog. The next time you read a real satisfactory success here, I hope it's because I hired a maid!

You can share your small successes here at Faith and Family Live and let us all cheer you on! Go you!

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