Thursday, December 09, 2010

Small Successes (Vol 19)

1. I seem to have found the key to keeping a colicky toddler happy: cuddling on the couch watching TV. She wants the appearance of my undivided attention.  Right now she is mad that I'm writing.  Gotta make this quick!

2.  Kevin is completely supportive of this plan because I can't get anything done  when she's screaming anyway, so he says he'd rather come home to a messy house and a happy wife than a messy house and and an angry wife.  As a result, I'm relaxed and catching up on Hallmark Christmas movies and Psych.

3.  I added 2 weeks to my Insanity workout.  I should have been done at Thanksgiving, but, you know how it is.  Would you like to know how my weight loss/ fitness plan is going?  Well, since you are so curious, I will tell you.  I can now fit into a size pants I haven't fit since before Emma was born 8 years ago!!!!!!!!!   As a matter of fact, they are my pre-kid fat size!    What's crazy is I am still 20 pounds heavier than I was last time I fit this size.  All my P90X and Insanity workouts have tightened up my body to the point I'm starting to think that I am going to be able to surpass my clothing size goals!  I cannot tell you how happy I am and how good I feel about what I am accomplishing.  I never thought I'd get this far!

By the way, because I have gotten so much out of my workouts, I am now a Beachbody coach.  If you would like more information or a buddy to encourage you, drop me a line!

Let me cheer you on!  Share your small successes on Faith and Family Live!


  1. Congrats on the pant size!!! I too have lost a lot of inches but the number on the scale not as fast but hey when you can wear your pre-baby size pants who cares what the scale says! ;)

  2. Love #2! Our guys sure know how to take care of us!

  3. Hey Mary!
    Moms Against Coats on the Floor Unite!! ha ha
    Thanks for stopping in to my VERY Small Successes...not like you here...Danielle needs a BIG Successes meme for the likes of you!
    Great job!
    Your blog is soooo pretty!
    Believe it or not...I miss those days when babies just wanted me to do nothing but hold them!!!
    Love your Colossians verse here in the comments too!
    God bless you this Advent and Christmas...and New Year's!

  4. Awesome job this week! Congrats on the weight loss!

  5. Reading about your newly "tightened up" body has made me feel wistful. Although I'm at my ideal weight, most of me feels like semi-set Jello. Your success has me wondering whether I should be the one to make use of the dust-collecting P90X that my son purchased, but never used. Ya think??


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