Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Insanity: My Story

My Shaun T autographed Insanity workout calendar.

I completed my final Insanity Fit Test on Sunday!  I cannot believe I actually finished this program!  What a butt-kicker!  It took me longer than 60 days to finish because of traveling and Thanksgiving, but I finished strong!

The first time I tried Insanity, at the beginning of last summer, I did it for a week.  Every day I ended in a pool of my own sweat and laying flat on the ground while tears streamed down my face.  I was literally sobbing from the effort of pushing myself to finish.  After about a week I decided I was clearly not ready for Insanity. It took a round of P90X to get me there.

Even though I was physically stronger from all the weight training in P90X, Insanity was still extremely challenging.  I had never done anything like it in my life.  But I ended the workouts on my feet, still in a pool of my own sweat, but dry-eyed.  

So what did I lose? I lost about 10 pounds and a size. The more important question: What did I gain?  Agility, speed, determination, cardiovascular health, self-confidence and a love of pushing myself to my limit. (Are those crazy sounding achievements for a mother of 4 who could barely walk 2 years ago? Agility & speed-for crying out loud!)

It is amazing! Every little goal I meet, I can see that I can do more than I thought possible.  My goal was to get into pre-baby clothes from 8+ years ago.  I was a size 10 and I was happy with that size.  I look at pictures and I looked good.  I'm fitting into a 12 now, which is my pre-baby fat size.  I'm thrilled to wear them, because I haven't been able to do that since I started having children.  I'm still heavier than I was at that size before kids, but I am getting so toned that all my clothes are loose.  I just wonder what size will I wear when I have lost all the fat I can lose? Size 8, or 6 even?  That seems like a fantasy, but I'm starting to think it might actually be possible.  If I keep working toward improving my health and fitness with healthy diet and exercise, well, only God knows what is possible!

I still haven't mastered my diet and there are days I really don't feel like getting up at 5:30 to exercise, but I've overcome so many temptations to quit by offering up my sacrifices as gifts for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I will keep plugging away because I know it makes a difference, both in my body and in the souls of those for whom I'm sacrificing. 

So, here are my Fit Test Results:
                               Test 1                  Test 5
Switch Kicks             50                       65
Power Jacks              40                       57
Power Knees             82                      114
Power Jumps             49                       60
Globe Jumps              8 Walking           10 jumping
Suicide Jumps            8                         20
Push-Up Jacks          17                       40
Low Plank Obliques  60                       71

I say those are amazing results!!!

So, what's next? Right now I'm taking it a little bit easy trying out my Shakeology: The Workout dvds. I'm seriously considering entering the Million Dollar Body Game.  I need to see the rules to decide.  But right now the plan is come January, I will start a P90X/Insanity hybrid.  3 days of P90X and 3 days of Insanity, alternating.  I'm kicking it up a notch by adding on that 6th day, which was always there, but I didn't do. 

What are my new goals? I will keep working out, pushing myself to succeed, drinking my delicious Shakeology and I WILL shrink into a size 10 and do one pull-up unassisted. We'll see how long it takes me to get that pull-up, but size 10- I think I can get it in a month. Whaaaaaaat! You heard it here! It's a personal throw-down! Check in and help keep me accountable!

Hey, if you'd like to buddy up with me or if you are looking for someone to guide you through your own personal fitness goals, I am a Beachbody coach and I am a rawther gifted encourager, even if I say so myself!

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