Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small Successes (Vol 18)

 Praised be Jesus Christ. And may He bless all here!

Love to my family and friends who have been wondering what has become of me.  My dear friends in the world, upon whom my eyes have never rested, greetings to you, as well.  I've been absent for many weeks due to a tremendously hectic schedule.  Something had to give and it appears it was my blog.  As it is, I am not supposed to be sitting down writing this very second.  I am supposed to be readying my house for a guest whom I have never met.  That's right.  I have to get my house ready for someone who doesn't know and love me, therefore willing to overlook my vast flaws as a housekeeper.  It's a very risky move I am taking right this very second, stealing precious minutes away from the 10,000 chores left to do before tomorrow morning.  But sometimes you just gotta grab a break!  So here I am, sipping a rare coffee (I gave it up, for the most part since we last met) and I am about to regale you with my many infinitesimal successes.

1. I am writing this post. (Cheating, I know)

2. I gave up coffee, because it's not all that good for me, started eating a low carb diet because, as you know, I am having a great amount of difficulty shedding fat.  So far, though, I've lost 4 more pounds in just about 2 weeks.  I probably gained it back while I've been sitting here, so, ya know.

3.  This is not a small success, but a BLOW EVERYTHING OUT OF THE WATER success.  Ok.  I. Am. ALMOST DONE with INSANITY!!!!!  I am on day 53 of 60!  WHAAAAAAAAT!  That's right.  Since last we met and I updated you on my P90X prowess (wink), I have been doing this unbelievably challenging (but tremendously worth it) program.  I get up every morning at 5:30, start working out at 6 and am completely drenched in sweat by 7.  It's a butt-kickin' good time.  I can't even tell you.  It moves fast and I gotta push myself to dig deep when I want to quit, but I LOVE it!  I am so proud of myself!

4.  If I have I peaked your curiosity, you can view it here . But if you want to buy it, or any other program, please go here:  because in the time I've been gone, I've realized that I am committed to this new healthy lifestyle.  It's not just a diet to lose baby weight anymore.  Because of that, I decided to become an Independent Beachbody Coach and bring fitness and nutrition to anyone who wants to get fit.  So that's a success too.  I've made some major changes to my lifestyle to the goal of getting healthy, strong and energetic so I can enjoy my family.  I'm sure more changes will need to be made, but for now, I am happy with my progress towards fitness.

Do you have successes to share?   Please share them!!! Visit Danielle at Faith and Family. 

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  1. WOW! Congratulations! I've thought about doing the P90X, just don't know enough about it. I'm going to have to check out your links.


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