Thursday, July 01, 2010

Small Successes (Vol. 5)


This week has gone by so quickly.  I try to keep in mind the things that I've done well so I can write them here, but every time, I have to sit back and rack my brain to come up with one!  Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day with a brain like a sieve.

1.Thanks to Tori at Going Greene for sharing her success at overcoming inertia.  I had an awesome opportunity for some family fun at the NHL draft party for the Columbus Blue Jackets.  It was a free family event with prizes, free ice skating on the team's practice ice, tours of the locker room, street hockey on the arena floor and real live Blue Jackets signing autographs and playing hockey with the kids.  It's hard to make myself take the kids to these things mainly because I decide at the last minute it's not worth the aggravation of taking a very fussy 14-month-old to a crowded place near bedtime.  Well, I did it.  We had a fantastic time!  The kids played hockey, ice skated and ate hot dogs and chips.  Kevin and I oohed and ahhed over the locker room tour and at seeing the players up close and personal.  If that wasn't enough, Kevin won a drawing for a signed CBJ sweater (that's a jersey, for the uninitiated)!!!  We had such a good time.  I'm so glad we went.

2.  I noticed a dent in my arm and dirt on my shoulders and they turned out to be biceps and collar bones!  Yes!  I love you Tony Horton and P90X!

3.  We made it to Kansas City with only minor baby trouble.  Annie-Mae will not sleep anywhere but her crib.  She took about a 30 minute nap and then screamed until 11:30 before she finally gave in to the Sand Man.

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  1. Great job on getting out for some fun! I'm so glad that you went.


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