Tuesday, July 13, 2010


While feeding the baby her breakfast today, I was skimming the local newspaper.  I came across a movie review of "Eclipse", the third movie in the "Twilight" saga.  I'll admit, I have absolutely no interest in vampires, especially one filled with teen angst.  Why I stopped to read this article, I don't know.  But I did.  Much to my pleasure, the critic didn't like it.  

What she did like about the movie was the soundtrack.  She went on to list the artists who performed the music, 99% of whom I have never heard.  I knew it before, but now it is undeniable: I am out of the loop.  When I was a kid, I knew all the artists, band, lyrics and videos that were played on the radio and MTV. I longed to go to see Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Def Leppard  in concert and knew just which Morrisey or The Cure song I was in the mood for and how long I had to press "fast forward" on my Walkman to get to that track.  (As you can see, I had eclectic musical tastes).  I remember being a 19 year-old discussing the merits of Motley Crue with a friend of mine, who was a huge fan, while we were working at the florist.  The owner, a 30-something year-old mother of one, came out and asked what we were talking about.  My friend said, "Motley Crue.  You know, the band?"  She was insulted that we thought she was so out of touch she wouldn't know who they were.  I remember thinking how hilarious it was that she even ever heard of them. 

Now, 20 years later, if my babysitter and I had a similar conversation, I doubt if I could claim to know any band she might mention. I know that as my kids get older and start choosing their own music, I will undoubtedly become more "with it", but right now all I can say is, "Huh?".

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