Thursday, April 08, 2010

25 Random Thoughts

1. I am a Catholic, a work in progress, working toward the devout life.
2. I believe in the sanctity and dignity of life from conception to natural death, no exceptions.
3. I love a good blizzard (not a bad blizzard with power loss and no food) but the good kind that makes the world stop and makes you hunker down with your family.
4. I love a nice summer rain when the kids can play outside and get drenched. I also love the thunderstorms we get in Ohio- seriously good lightening and awesome cloud formations.
5. My family thinks I should publish my writings.
6. I am so thrilled to be having my 4th child. (Anne-Marie Kathleen, born April 20, 2009)
7. 12 years ago, I married the man of my DREAMS! There has never been a doubt in my mind about our marriage since the day he proposed (cold feet on the wedding day, notwithstanding).
8. I used to be a die-hard romantic, until I learned what true love actually was. Romance has nothing on true devotion to each other.
9. I am a foodie. I will try almost anything once. Grossest thing so far: Pickled Herring. Oh, so nasty!
10. I really miss Shoprite in New Jersey. The produce and ethnic foods department were unbelievable. When I moved to Ohio and found pasta in the ethnic foods aisle, I knew I was in trouble.
11. I wish there were mountains and streams in central Ohio. No skiing, no fly-fishing, no hiking nearby. It's a bit of a bummer- especially since I know Kevin loves those things so much.
12. I love slapstick comedy. I can't help myself- People falling down, walking into walls, getting hit with things- I laugh every time.
13. I do NOT like horror movies. Kevin tries to get me to watch these kind of things, but I always remind him that he will suffer for it when I have nightmares for weeks on end and can't stay home alone at night.
14. I had the most fabulous time at Disney World this past summer- much to my amazement! I LOVED it!
15. I would love to go back to France and just travel the country, Paris, Normandy, Lisieux, Nevers, Lourdes.
16. I have no affinity for learning foreign language- but maybe if I had someone to practice with, I could get it down. I would love to learn French.
17. Being a stay-at-home mom is what I always wanted to do.
18. When my kids are much older, I will do volunteer work. What kind is TBD.
19. I have met more awesome people in Grove City, OH than anywhere I have ever lived. (All my friends across the country and world- you are totally awesome too!)
20. I really like football. Kevin is still surprised at the things I know.
21. I do not like basketball on tv. Boring and squeaky and only the last 5 minutes matter. Although I do love to fill out a bracket every March.
22. I am an idea person. I'm lucky that I have so many detail people around me to make my ideas happen, in particular in the Moms group. I say, "Here's my idea. Now who can make it happen?" I don't think this is a bad thing, but I wish I was more detail-oriented.
23. I have very little tolerance for bull...malarky. Don't even get me started.
24. I collect Nativity scenes and Holy Family things.
25. I always wanted to have twins. Am I crazy? Maybe. I guess I'll never know.