Thursday, February 04, 2010

All in an Effort to Appease My Fans (read: my family)

Ok, fans of 3 turkeys, (all 3 of you) you've twisted my arm. I humbly accept the challenge of writing on a more regular basis. But what will I write about? Your guess is as good as mine. How about this? I have exactly 5 minutes to write, because it's 2:43pm. Emma just came home from school, Anne-Marie is upstairs talking in her crib (only moments from crying) Andy and Renee are begging for food and I still have to clean myself up, pack a diaper bag for the rest of the day and then we have to go to ballet and straight to Emma's open house after that. Ok? Ok.

So, here's what Renee thinks is a good wardrobe choice in the dead of Winter 22 degrees outside and a snow storm approaching: A sun dress layered over a long sleeve t-shirt with sandals. No, pants underneath are out of the question and a coat will ruin the entire ensemble. I have a few minutes to convince her otherwise, because we are about to head out to ballet, but more importantly to Emma's school, where the teachers will suddenly understand that all the notes and questions and letters sent to school are, in fact, written by a crazy woman.

Time's up.


  1. Ah Mary I am so glad you've decided to take the challenge!! I love reading your blogs and wish I could write as well as you do! You should turn your little short stories into a book like one of my fav authors Laurie Notaro! It would be so awesome!! DO IT!

  2. hey i'm a fan, and we're not even related!
    hi mary -- congrats on #4...i didnt know. we just got our #3! great to see you're back blogging :o)
    email me offline when (read: if) you get a chance (my old laptop died, as did my old contacts)...i'm at


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