Saturday, January 09, 2010

Today I Am

Today I am a Domestic goddess! I normally refrain from elevating (?) myself to mythical divinity, but today, what the heck? I'll throw caution to the wind and just say what I feel: today I am a Domestic goddess. To me, the height of success in the domestic world is a clean house, happy kids and husband and multi-tasking like nobody's business. Well, my kids and husband are outside playing in the new fallen snow which makes the clean house possible. Check one and two. Inside, the baby is napping which is where the multi-tasking comes in. Get ready to be stunned.

I have a clean house, a happy and playful family, I am making chicken stock for no particular reason, I've got a crock pot full of hot apple cider tea to thaw the frozen masses, I'm a watching a cooking show while I keep a roaring fire stoked and crochet a scarf. What say you the that! (It's the crochet that takes it to the next level, I think.)

I am so stinkin' happy about this day and how it's going that I can't help but shout "I AM A DOMESTIC GODDESS!!!!" at the top of my lungs -figuratively, of course, there is a baby sleeping, after all. Tomorrow I will likely revert to the domestic schlemiel that I normally am as the house comes crashing down around me. But for today, I am!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Seems a Good Day to Blog

It's a snow day. Let me say that again: IT'S A SNOW DAY! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!! Christmas break just ended, the kids haven't even been in school a week and still I find myself in desperate need of a day off. Little Annie-Mae woke me up at 5:15 for unknown reasons, so as I fed her a bottle in the pre-dawn hours, I tuned in to the pre-dawn news to see if maybe, just maybe, I'd get my wish. Our school district starts with S and I tuned in at the beginning of the alphabet. So I sat there trying to divine if school would be closed based on the other districts around town. Lo and behold! Snow Day!!!!

So here I am, it's 11:36, I've been up for 2 hours because Little Miss went back to sleep. In that time, I've fed the kids, read some blogs and I've had a delightful conversation with a wonderful woman, Paula, who stopped by to pick up some dvds Kevin made for her. I invited her to stay and have a cup of coffee even though we were all still in our pajamas and she had to climb over Andy's "Slidy Town" creation of blocks, discarded garments, a pile of clean laundry and a fort of pillows. There really was no hiding the disorderliness of my home. But Paula, ever-wise and generous, harkened back to the days when her 4 boys were little and told me her house looked about the same. "You do what you need to do for the kids and forget about the house" is what she says. Amen.

So, I had a lovely little chat with Paula. Now the kids are playing, the baby is napping, so why not ramble on a bit. It's been ages. I have no wisdom to impart, no funny stories. Andy is playing Wii, the girls are playing cars (!)and outside is some crazy overachiever plowing his driveway in 14 degree weather. Not me.

Ah....for the love of a snow day. Joy and peace. I will not work today. Kevin already called to suggest meeting up for dinner at a fast food restaurant. While I'm not inclined to get dressed at any point today, tomorrow begins P90X, so no more fast food for a very long time. Maybe he'll drive through and come home instead. I'd hate to have to brush my teeth. Just kidding- I wouldn't do that to Paula!

I hear some kids asking each other , "When is it lunch time?" so my rambling must come to an end. It's awful dang cold outside- too cold for little people to spend much time. I think we'll have some lunch, play a little more Wii and maybe later pop some corn, build a fire and watch a Christmas movie- because yes, it is still the Christmas season and we are gonna celebrate every blessed minute of it!

Merry Christmas to you. I hope you get a surprise day off soon!