Friday, October 26, 2007

Can you DIGG it?

Like what you see on 3 Turkeys?

Several people have commented on how much they like Mary's stories as a stay-at-home Mom. Some have even suggested that she should try to get her stories published in some way.

Now you can help Mary get 'discovered' by Digging her stories. Digg is a website that tracks the popularity of news and blog articles across the web. Users can increase the popularity of a story by 'digging' the story. If the story gets enough diggs then it eventually makes it to the Front Page on the website. This is a really big deal and usually generates a lot of traffic.

If you like one of Mary's recent stories, simply click onto the "Digg This" button at the bottom of the story. If you are not a member of you will need to sign up for a FREE account. Don't worry, you will not be suffocated with SPAM just for signing up.

Now go get digging!

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