Monday, September 24, 2007

End of Summer

Alice and Kate came to Ohio for Kate's softball tourny. Luckily for us, her team lost so we were able to spend a couple days with them both.

In an attempt to start a new family tradition, the kids and I celebrated the Feast of the Assumption by having a "tea" party. We served chocolate chip cookies and strawberry milk. The Blessed Mother was our special guest. After tea, we travelled the garden blessing the herbs and flowers with holy water. You should see the basil now!

The Third Annual Guffey Drive Block Party included live music this year. One of our neighbors is in a Christian rock band. They performed to a packed audience of preschoolers. The show was almost cancelled due to tornado warning sirens that sounded for a full half hour.

In the backyard, the kids enjoyed the setting sun. Renee seems to have caught on that setting sun means bedtime.

Andy has become a rough housing boy. Here he tackles an unsuspecting Emma.

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