Monday, November 06, 2006

Renee's First Birthday

Well, I know it sounds cliche', but it seems like just yesterday Renee was born. This past year just flew by. It was quite a busy year for our family. Getting a house ready for the market, house-hunting, buying, selling and moving cross-country is all very exhausting. Add to that a broken arm and 6 weeks in a cast for the primary care giver and you've got yourself a whirlwind of a year. No wonder she seems to have grown up so fast.

Aside from all the craziness, Renee's first year was delightful. Never was there an easier baby. She was simply a joy to be around from the day she was born. She started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, God love 'er. She ate everything we ever fed her with nary a complaint, who could blame her for rejecting baby food meat- ugh! She smiles and laughs so easily and has a high threshold for pain, an unusual trait for a baby, to be sure, probably developed by her older sister and brother playing with her too hard.

Renee's favorite thing is probably dancing, as witnessed in the video posted earlier. She will dance to even the faintest music. With her enthusiastic wiggling, she can persuade me from even the grumpiest of moods. She is a ray of sunshine in our hearts. Her Daddy and I love her so much, it almost hurts. Happy birthday, our sweet, darling ReRe-CoCo-Cups.

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  1. She is such a cutie!! HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, Renee!!! It is SO crazy how fast they grow up. I hope soon that we'll get to meet her!! We love you guys bunches!!! Christi


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