Monday, July 03, 2006

My Kingdom for a Decent Slice!

All of our neighbors love Cici's pizza. Three of them recommend it highly. "It's all you can eat," they say. "It's the best," they promise. Having had more than our share of cheap pizza in college, Kevin and I just look at each other in bewilderment over these kinds of accolades. For those of you from Texas, it's the Pancho's of pizza. It's the Ramen noodles of pizza.

Then we started trying the different pizza joints around here. Suddenly we understand why our poor neighbors seemed to have no taste buds. It's all terrible. In much the same way the Olive Garden is an insult to Italian food, the pizza we found in Ohio is an insult to pizza. "How can you screw up pizza?" you might be thinking. Well, several ways. First, make it with provolone cheese and then cut a round thin crust pizza as if it is Chicago style deep dish, so that it's all rectangles except for 4 tiny little inedible triangles at the corners. Pity the fool who orders pepperoni. A normal pizza has maybe 10-15 . Try 100 on Ohio pizza (I'm not kidding!). It's obscene, and not in a good way.

My lucky friends in New York/New Jersey, count yourselves blessed. Do you deliver?

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  1. Hmmm... I have to agree with your neighbors - we LOVE CiCi's Pizza!!! Especially since both my boys can down about 3 slices each and THEY EAT FREE!!!! Although they also eat free at Double Daves too so we usually go there! I don't really like the pizza at CiCi's so I just fill up on the apple cinnamon pizza..ummm, ummm SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! Just come visit and we'll go to Double Daves!!


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