Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Renee's 4 month check up

Well, time flies when ...?

Renee turned 4 months on Monday and saw Dr. Charlie today, so I took the 3 Turkeys for a visit. The kids were quite the hit with the nurses. Emma found a xylophone and played it loud and hard while singing (yelling) a version of a Christmas song with "angels on high and nursery miles". (I really should write down her lyrics someday.) She sang at the top of her lungs while Andy opened and closed the exam room door about 40 times. Andy flirted with the nurses playing peek-a-boo and wearing his Mardi Gras beads. Laughter is a good stress reliever.

By the time the doctor came in, the novelty of the office had worn off and Emma and Andy had to find new things to do, including leaving the room and coming back, throwing immunization cards and Renee's clothes all over the floor. While Andy was out of the room, Emma decided that's where he should stay and pushed and held the door closed... on Andy's fingers. At the same time as Renee decided she could wait no more for her bottle and started crying at the top of her lungs. All this happened in the middle of my conversation with the Doctor, who jumped up to rescue Andy and rub his hand. Then the doctor looks at me and says incredulously, "How do you do it?" I'm going to have to come up with an answer to that question some day.

So, in the midst of all that, I learned that Renee weighs 18 lbs 13 oz and is 27 1/2" long. Just like Andy, she's off the charts in all categories. The doctor predicts she will be taller than me. Renee got 2 shots, which she handled very well and will have to see a dermatologist to keep an eye on the birthmark on her ankle. She's still light enough to stay in the baby car seat, so no coats for her yet! I'm very happy about that news even though I am developing calluses from it.

On our way out, the first Turkey received a sticker and a sucker, which as soon as we left the office, got dropped in the dirt. Though I pondered dusting it off and sticking it back in her mouth, I actually used my better judgement and left it on the ground. Well, you know what happened, don't you? There were tears and proclamations of starvation so loud that people down the block turned around. When we got home we sat in the car through 3 complete Laurie Berkner songs because, God bless the legislature, the 3 Turkeys were strapped down... and so was I.


  1. Hi Mary,
    I love your story about doctor's visit, it remids me of the time I use to go places with my boys and they've acted the same way. We got picture of Renee yeaterday she is soo cute and looks do mature.
    Love you guys

  2. Priceless. As much as I love keeping up with the pictures, I get just as much entertainment and laughter from your writing! Keep up the excellent job - it makes me feel like I am not so far away!

    Jen and Jared


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