Friday, December 16, 2005

No more Baby Andy

It's amazing how our perspective on Andy changed the day Renee was born. In one day he went from being a baby to being a big boy. All of a sudden we expected that he shouldn't be throwing fits, he should be eating and sleeping on perfect schedule (without throwing his dinner on the floor), and he should patiently wait until we are able to get whatever it is that he wants. Now I see why everyone is warning us about "middle child syndrome". Fortunately Andy seems to be taking it all in stride and for the most part he seems very happy with is new baby sister (and his big sister too).

It seems like everyday Andy is learning to do new things. Recently Andy learned the song "The wheels on the Bus", he likes to talk on the telephone, and he is very good a dumping the bucket of legos and then putting them all back in. Andy thinks that it is great that he can now climb up on the couch, footstool, or dining room chair all by himself. I guess it gives him a new prospective on the world. His favorite past time seems to be dancing. Put on some music and he is like one of those dancing Santa's with a lot spinning in circles thrown in.

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  1. Soon he'll be competing in 'Dance Dance Nation' contest with his father! :) Love, Tes, Vicki and Tige


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